After speaking with several people who feel they’ve entered a vortex or more like a twilight zone this Mercury retrograde, I’ve given more thought to, how is it that we can possibly know what our effect is on others?  Which led quickly to, how do we think of ourselves?  Do we continue to challenge ourselves to communicate clearer or a little bit more from the heart?  Are we even aware of what our triggers are that elevate our temper or begin to close off from others?  How quick are we to recognize resentments and then to take action to repairing the relationship? When is the right time to say ‘I’m sorry” or what could I have done differently? We generally only know what that impact is from our own perception or words that are spoken by others (again now we’re talking about yet another perception).  Are our kind words actually sharper than we think?  Or visa versa, what we may perceive as a sharp tongue may be light whimsical nothingness to someone else.  Is there a medium that we can use to help us?  There is, and it’s in the simple yet dynamic Sat Nam mantra.  Sat meaning Truth and Nam being the name or identity.  When we chant Sat Nam we are connecting to our true identity.  If we take a moment when angry to take one inhale of Sat and one exhale of Nam we are changing the vibration of our entire Auric field and our vocal tone.  If we pause for 5 Sat Nams, wow we are really on the road to changing our attitude, temper and the conversation.

Why is this mantra so powerful, almost magical?  Sat Nam is a bij or seed mantra. For example a seed for a cedar tree holds the knowledge of a fully grown cedar tree.  This seed holds the greatest condensed true identity that awakens your soul to its destiny.  If you break that seed down into Sa Ta Na Ma you get the 5 primal sounds of the universe (sss, ttt, nnn, mmm & aaa).  It will balance both sides of the hemispheres of the brain and increase intuition.  Lets not forget that we feel calmer, more at peace, lighter in the heart and takes us on a journey through the cycle of life.

Sunday August 14, 2011 from 1-3 pm, I’ll be teaching a workshop using this amazing Sa Ta Na Ma mantra in Kirtan Kriya.  Join me as we transform our destiny and so much more!

P.S.  Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.


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