What do you YOGA?

Yes Organizer Gifts of Awareness.  Your Own Guiding Adviser.  Youthful Overseer Generating Attention.  Your Obstacle Grounding Aid.   ????

Yoga means to unite.  If you think about life on a grander scale, we are in a constant state of YOGA.  Continually uniting ourselves with something, whether it’s a chocolate bar, hamburger, our breath, another human being or God, we are relating and having an experience of unity.  Ask yourself, what  am I consciously uniting with on and off the mat?

Most people get connected or plug-in through prayer, meditation or drugs.  For myself being naturally gifted as a psychic medium I am connected with the universal consciousness a bit differently.  Most psychics we are wireless and are always connected receiving Instant Messages all the time.   Through practicing yoga we are uniting everything and by doing so we open and keep the door to awareness open.  Once we have begun a yoga practice on the mat we are then able to take those tools off the mat and into the world.

In the movie The God Father there is a line that is quoted a lot and to me it  relates perfectly with yoga.  ‘take it to the mattresses’.  For those whom have never heard this line, it’s all about fighting the fight.  Dig in and get it done.  Or as Yogi Bhajan said “Keep up and you will be kept up”.

YOGA your life and say Yes to the Organizing Generator of Awareness.  Take it to the mat, then off the mat!

Spirit Voyage is staring their next 40 day Sadhana challenge – The Radiant Body on July 27th!  Join me and many others in this amazing Kriya and meditation.  I will be teaching this set the week before – Saturday 23rd, Monday 25th and Wednesday 27th at Samskara Yoga.


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