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Ask about her incredible psychic insight…stay for the healing!

As seen on Lifetime’s America’s Psychic Challenge in 2007.

Namjeev is a Professional Psychic Medium. Receiving a reading from her is a treat. She works with you on many levels as she communicates with your spiritual guides, loves ones, see future path options for you, ask questions of your guides about settling in with your larger life purpose…all the while putting this into practical and useable information and homework from your guides. She considers herself more of a Psychic Life Coach than an entertaining reader. She won’t just tell you love is around the corner, if it is, she will also deliver to you messages from your spiritual guides to help you prepare for a romantic relationship.

Along with psychic readings, Namjeev likes using the Destiny Card system as it is a divine numeric system that is able to give more concrete answers to those who need them.

Being a medium takes a large amount of healing and down time. Namjeev has found through becoming a Reiki Master 2005 and Yoga Instructor in 2009 these tools also bring about a balance many of us are already seeking in our daily lives.

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